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    Oil & Gas

    Expert Automation and Instrumentation Services for the Oil & Gas Industry

    Specialized automation and instrumentation services for the Oil & Gas industry. With experienced engineers and technicians, they provide reliable and efficient solutions to customers' unique challenges.
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    Industrial Automation and Control

    Customized Solutions for Industrial Automation and Control

    BTS delivers tailored solutions for industrial automation and control to help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs
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    Automation and Instrumentation

    Trusted Partner for Implementing Automation and Instrumentation Projects

    BTS is a trusted partner for implementing automation and instrumentation projects, supporting customers from initial studies to implementation.

Innovative Solutions

Offers cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and productivity.

Strong Support:

Provides comprehensive and responsive customer support.

Proven Experience

Has a track record of delivering successful projects for clients.


Bright Tech’s Wide Range of Services Are Underpinned by an Unshakable Commitment to Flawless Solutions Delivered on Time and Within Budget

BTS Managed all stages of project, from developing design and production of engineering documents to commissioning, including programming, integration of systems supplied and factory testing.

About Us

BRIGHT TECH SERVICES specializes in providing Solutions and Services in the Automation and Control of Industrial Processes. Our engineers and technicians make themselves available to our customers to support them in the studies and implementation of their Projects.

Automation & Control

Industrial Processes.

Our Equipements

#1 Distibutor of Hikelok in Algeria

We are proud to announce that Bright Tech Solution is now the distributor of Hikelok brand industrial electrical and equipment in Algeria. This partnership allows us to expand our range of quality products and provide our customers with cutting-edge technology. We are excited to bring Hikelok’s reliable and efficient products to the Algerian market.


Partners who trust us

Our commitment to quality and reliability earns us the trust of our valued partners.

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